Refer a Friend

Membership Commitment

Referring a friend means getting them signed up with a membership of their own. That means no, there will not be any discounts for getting a friend to buy a day pass, week pass etc. Memberships only! We’re not requiring any length of time commitment or year contracts with this deal, month to month is 100% acceptable !

What’s my Referral Discount Look Like?

For every referral you make, you’ll receive $5 off of your membership price, every month, for as long as your referral remains a member! Refer 2 friends, that’s $10 off per month… Refer 5 friends, that’s $25 off… you get the gist. Pretty good deal right? Time to put your salesman hat on and save yourself some money!

What happens if my referral cancels their membership?

If your referral decides to cancel their membership at anytime, your $5 savings will be added back to your membership price, simple as that. 

Is there a Referral Limit?

Nope!… well kinda. Once you’re paying $0 a month, you’ve reached your limit. If you manage to get enough referrals to cover your entire monthly membership, ie 12 referrals for students and 16 referrals for standard, you’re one hell-of-a salesman! Your membership will be free and who knows maybe we will think of some kind of prize reward for anyone beast enough to bring in that many members! Maybe we’ll even remove the limit and start paying YOU every month if you become some member referring monster! Time will tell.

How do I get credit?

Speak up! Give us a heads-up, call, text, email, or better yet come in person with the person you’re referring so we know AT THE MOMENT OF SIGN UP that this member us being referred by you. WE WILL NOT accept “after the fact” referrals! That means if you come running to us a week, a day, an hour, a minute, or even 1 second after a member signs up to mention that they’re your referral, sorry you’re out of luck!

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