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What we're looking for in a JC personal trainer:

Our PT's are expected to come aboard with an already existing clientele that they can then transition into the gym. Your style of training is exactly that, Your style. For example, one of our  PT's works primarily with female bikini and bodybuilding competitors, another works only as a posing coach, and another works with the elderly. We give you the power to train whoever you'd like, however you'd like (within reason). The nature of Jacked Culture being a more specific and niche tailored space towards experienced lifters will make your ability to sell yourself as a trainer or coach to our existing members difficult, hence the reason why we're looking for PT's with clients who are willing to follow you.

What you gain as a JC personal trainer:

Joining our team of PT's means becoming your own boss. We allow you the freedom of training whoever you'd like, whenever you'd like, however you'd like. 24/7 access key fobs give you and your clients the ability to train at hours that are likely not available to you now. You will be given the opportunity to develop connections and comradery with others in the industry, whether it be with our other PT's, our powerlifters, bodybuilders, or social media influencers. Jacked Culture has been blessed with opportunity and growth, largely due to those who choose to call JC their home gym. Joining our team gives you the opportunity to both benefit from and contribute to the Culture of Jacked Culture. 

Pay structure of a JC personal trainer:

Your freedom to be your own boss with us at Jacked Culture extends into your trainer rent. We run all of our PT's on a tiered rent system based on the amount of clients you bring in per month, the tier system looks like this:

Tier 1: (1-10 clients) = $50 per client per month

Tier 2: (11-15 clients) = $45 per client per month

Tier 3: (16-20 clients) = $40 per client per month

Tier 4: (20+ clients) = $1,000 per month flat rate cap

We chose to develop this rent system that allows you to handle your clients how you choose, and make your money the way you want to. Setting a cap after 20 clients gives you the opportunity to grow your business to unlimited potential. We understand the success that can be had as a personal trainer, and we try to cultivate that success as much as we can.

Client specifics as a JC personal trainer:

All of our personal trainers are required to have their clients sign our liability form upon first visit; furthermore, all of our PT's are required to log Every client in on the PT clipboard with a date and time-stamp upon entry. Your clients are not required to pay a day pass or fee of any kind, your trainer rent covers their entry so long as they are entering with you for a session. If your client does express interest in using the gym for their own workouts outside of your sessions, we offer a discounted monthly membership for trainer-client connections of $50 per month. 


So, sounds pretty good right?

If you're ambitious and motivated to continue building your personal training career, or you know anyone who might be interested, please reach out and we would love to talk more about the next steps of welcoming you to our family and growing the Culture!

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